• Enter your age in years, and select Male or Female. Click "Calculate".
  • The times given must be equalled or bettered to meet the club standard.
  • You must complete at least three different distances.
  • The courses must be officially measured road races.
  • Times must be as recorded in official results.
  • Your annual award will be derived from the three best distances run and will be the lowest of the grades achieved for those three distances.
  • Please notify Bobbie if you want race times recorded for the annual award, using this form.
1 mile
5 km
5 mile
10 km
7 mile
10 mile
20 mile
26.2 mile
20 km
13.1 mile
15 mile
This page uses the WMA 2006 Age-grading factors from Howard Grubb, partially updated in 2010 by Alan Jones.
See http://www.howardgrubb.co.uk/athletics/index.html